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Improvements to general AI behaviour and racecraft across all tracks. Fixed missing radiator damage for Ford Escorts, and Ford Mustangs. New drift setup added. Next to that there is also a 1-day European interbank interest rate called Eonia. There are different maturities, ranging from one week to one year. Ferrari GT3 - Reduced extra mutande allowance at low speeds for better stability. Changes to downshift protection based on vehicle speed. Ligier LMP3 - Fixed rear 3rd bump stop having no range adjustment. Improvements to the AI driving on slick tyres in wet weather. Lowered minimum shift time for cars with H-pattern racing gearboxes. Fix for an occasional crash when switching shadow detail level. Fixed an exploit where some players could load custom setups in Community Events when Default Setups are enabled.

Video: Heavy Turbulence and Wind Shear in a Diamond DA40 at 200 feet Landing at Kissimmee, FL

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We do offer preparazione information, the current Euribor rates as well as historical data. The Euribor rates are based on the average interest rates at which a large panel of European banks borrow funds from one another. See current Euribor rates for an overview of all rates. Changed some dynamic barriers and fixed LODs. When being kicked from a race, the system now checks your recent history to help decide if points should be deducted from your ranking conteggio. Improved AI suono levels in replays. LMP2 cars - Reduced aero drag by 35lbf mph. New tyre skid sound effects for treaded tyres. VR Improvements to the VR-specific replay ambiente system. Fix for an online issue where players would be shown an incorrect error message when attempting to join a gioco session which was full.

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