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And then I saw this alarming evidence… Through the use of thermographic imaging, scientists can see the changes take place inside your brain when you use a cell phone directly against your head. Use a landline at home and at work. If you are holding the phone next to your face, as most people do, then about 70 percent of the energy from the antenna is absorbed straight into your head. Industry suggests you compare SAR ratings, but the numbers are meaningless When buying a wireless phone, the industry suggests you compare ratings and purchase one with a lower rating. Avoiding contact with your head is the most important safeguard you can take. The weaker the reception, the more power your phone uses to transmit, and the more exposure you receive. The earlier one starts using cell phones, the more harmful its potential effects can be Dr. Delivers state of the art, crystal clear stereo sound with dual earbuds, using advanced acoustic technology featuring air-filled wireless tubes and advanced sound chambers. Here are some additional suggestions for minimizing your exposure to cell phone radiation: Most of your cells have several hundred mitochondria. Provides dependable, trouble-free operation for everyday use.

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