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During his youth, he lived in Italian Tyrol, where he learned the Italian language. InMussolini was deposed and Italy surrendered to the Allies, who had invaded southern Italy via Sicily. In the 14th century, the region of Trento was part of Austria. Economy[ edit ] Vineyard in Trento The city owes much of its unique economy to its position along the main communication route between Italy and Northern Europe and to the Adige river which, prior to its diversion in the midth century, ran through the center of the city. InHofer was captured and brought to Mantuaand was shot by French soldiers on the express order of Napoleon. The entire Mediterranean basin was at risk of malaria, a factor that affected the entire Italian peninsula and this Alpine region was not spared. The bishop of Trento, Johannes Hinderbach, had Simonino canonized and published the first book printed in Trento, "Story of a Christian Child Murdered at Trento", embellished with 12 woodcuts. In spite of the bombings, most of the medieval and renaissance city center was spared. Under the reorganization of the Holy Roman Colmare inthe Bishopric was secularized and annexed to the Habsburg territories. Well known economists explain and interpret current economy issues, both from a economic-scientific as well as from a social and entrepreneurial viewpoint.

Turismo a trento

Turismo a trento

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Turismo a trento

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