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My debut professional experience was at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin. Although if I do a streak of Mozart opera's with nothing else in between I feel locked in. No artist is meant to eat only one thing! How do you think the current economic crisis will affect opera? Third would be the fact that even if you surmount one and two, there is still the fact that luck and timing plays a big role ultimately in your success. Not to worry though I had been held to a very high standard as a student and it served me very well in the profession. When I began I often did the ingenue roles, but my temperament is a Countess vs a Susanna. I sang Mimi, as a last minute replacement. When did you become interested in pursuing a career in singing? Being an apprentice with this company was not like the American apprentice programs. In the season Ms.

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All the Mozart ladies still work great and Violetta is perfect for me now. I think that in my early days in Germany it was because the house I was in did very little bel canto and then upon returning to the states there was also not so many opportunities. My voice carries very well and likes to sing above the staff. I was an apprentice and sang three roles immediately after arriving there. He cantado Adina, Giulietta, que me van muy bien. Tell us about your experience as a singer in Germany I sing a lot of Mozart for that reason. It was in Braunschweig that my real valuable learning experience began. There was no "program" to speak of. Being an apprentice with this company was not like the American apprentice programs.

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