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In sharp contrast, tranquillity and peace in the family and in the marriage help prevent delinquency. There is an irreplaceable role for political leadership in the current crisis. Second is the relationship of love between parents and children, a love expressed primarily in supervision. According to the California Youth Authority study of female delinquents, conducted by Jill Leslie Rosenbaum, professor of criminology at California State University, "In the two parent families examined in this study a great deal of conflict was present. It is the absence of marriage, and the failure to form and maintain intact families, that explains the incidence of high crime in a neighborhood among whites as well as blacks. And, significantly, quarreling or abusive parents do not generally vent their anger equally on all their children. Re-establishment of the basic community code of children within marriage is necessary both for the future happiness of American families and for a reduction in violent crime. A Poor relationship between parent and child is highly influential in the child's subsequent delinquency And this modern form of family disintegration -- or more accurately non-formation -- has its consequences for criminal behavior. And the youth most likely to feel the need for defense is the member of a street gang in a violent neighborhood.

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Such studies show that the family is fighting desperately with the violent neighborhood for the future of its children. For example, even after a period of juvenile delinquency, a young man's ability to become emotionally attached to his wife can make it possible for him to turn away from crime. Smith and Paternoster discovered that moral beliefs reduced the likelihood of marijuana use among both males and females. Agnew found that a belief that it is good to be honest and to avoid cheating was associated with a reduced likelihood of delinquency. This belief is anchored in the large disparity in crime rates between whites and blacks. For these children, harsh punishment can mean parental rejection. The three most prominent effects are lower intellectual development, higher levels of illegitimate parenting in the teenage years, and higher levels of welfare dependency. Rodney Stark says that delinquency rises or falls in a high school to the extent to which the high schools contain a majority of religious students. The scholarly evidence, in short, suggests that at the heart of the explosion of crime in America is the loss of the capacity of fathers and mothers to be responsible in caring for the children they bring into the world. Normal, emotionally attached children avoid them -- in effect isolating and rejecting them.

Community per single

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