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It forms an important link between the natural breakwaters on the Greek and Etruscan ports and the elaborate engineering of man-made harbors of the Roman Empire such as the Trajanic port at Ostia. Cerchiamo solo trasgressione concreto. In the 50s, it seems to have become the house of Lucius Titinius Glaucus Lucretianusand a small sanctuary to the goddess Diana was added in the rear garden. Fentressand a detailed report on the stratigraphy is available on the web http: The Curia, originally thought to be a temple, was found on the Northeast corner in between a basilica and Temple B. Supplements to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. The four cisterns situated in the Forum held approximatelyliters of water, which added to the Reservoir at the western corner of the Forum ofliters. For the most part, the remains have not been excavated; the original building was obliterated in antiquity after destruction by fire. Scansano, settembreSiena

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